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Is Now the Time to Buy or Refinance? Thumbnail

Is Now the Time to Buy or Refinance?

Interest rates have dipped to historic lows. If you’re in a position to take advantage of opportunities to buy a home or refinance a mortgage at an irresistible rate, you may be wondering whether you should.

Happy Independence Day Thumbnail

Happy Independence Day

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life (so far, anyway) was to break away from a large brokerage firm and go independent. Partnering with Commonwealth Financial Network® has made that decision all the better.

The Seasons of Investing  Thumbnail

The Seasons of Investing

If there's one lesson I hope our clients learn from this historic first half of 2020, it's how quickly things can shift - in both directions! When it comes to your investments, it is only common sense to prepare both financially and psychologically for anything and everything. Otherwise, you run the risk of making some very bad decisions at the worst possible time. Such as selling all your stocks on March 23rd.

Is this the Second Wave? Thumbnail

Is this the Second Wave?

COVID-19 case growth has spiked up recently in several states, taking the national case growth rate up above 30,000 per day for three of the past four days. So, do we have a second wave on our hands? And if so, what does that mean?

Despite Localized Outbreaks, Recovery Remains On Track Thumbnail

Despite Localized Outbreaks, Recovery Remains On Track

The bad news this past week is that there are signs of localized outbreaks in several states, specifically Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. All have shown significant spikes in cases in recent days. But the good news is that outside these and a handful of other states, the virus remains under control, and there is still no national second wave of infections.

Market Risks Flashing Red? Thumbnail

Market Risks Flashing Red?

Setbacks remain likely, whether in the form of a second wave of infections and shutdowns, a slower-then-expected rebound in employment or consumer confidence, or political factors such as the current unrest or pending election. Such setbacks could easily result in more volatility. Conclusion: Market Risks remain despite rebound.

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