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Humility, Greed and Risk Thumbnail

Humility, Greed and Risk

Here is 1 great quote, 2 recent posts from our blog and 3 interesting links that you may want to check out as you head into the weekend…

1 great quote:

 “It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.”  

― Mahatma Gandhi on humility

2 recent posts from our blog:

Market Risk Update:  Markets Flashing Red? 

Setbacks remain likely, whether in the form of a second wave of infections and shutdowns, a slower-then-expected rebound in employment or consumer confidence, or political factors such as the current unrest or pending election.  Such setbacks could easily result in more volatility. Conclusion:  Market Risks remain despite rebound.  (Read More)

Coronavirus Update: No Sign of Second Wave of Infections at a National Level (Yet)

Although the reopening is going better than expected and is clearly having some positive economic effects, we certainly face risks. The biggest of these is a second large wave of infections. (Read More)

3 links worth checking out:

A Casino or Stock Market?

A retail stock buying frenzy goes wild.  Las Vegas and Macau casinos have been closed down and it appears gamblers have shifted their interest to the stock market.  Not a great sign.  (Read More)

2020 Market Turmoil Debunks Myth Active Management Outperforms in Bear Markets

Actively managed funds "got a pitch down the middle, and they're swinging and missing more often than they would like." (Read More)

Stanley Druckenmiller says he’s been ‘humbled’ by market comeback. 

Druckenmiller is one of the greats.  But even the most legendary investors aren’t always right - nor do they have to be.  Perfection isn’t required, but humility is essential.  (Read More)

Have a terrific weekend!


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