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Rodney Dangerfield on the Merits of a Contrarian Investment Philosophy Thumbnail

Rodney Dangerfield on the Merits of a Contrarian Investment Philosophy

Here is 1 quote, 2 recent posts from our blog and 3 interesting links that you may want to check out as you head into the weekend…


“I’m the new breed. I’m the new generation. There’s nobody who can argue that Warren Buffett is better at the stock market than I am right now. I’m better than he is. That’s a fact.”

― Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports Founder (and legend in his own mind)

2 recent posts from our blog:

Is the Market Melt-up Cause for Concern?

The recovery from the March stock market low has been the most rapid in history, and rising markets tend to create their own momentum. But stocks are quite expensive. Read More

Despite Localized Outbreaks, Recovery Remains on Track 

The bad news this past week is that there are signs of localized outbreaks in several states, specifically Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. All have shown significant spikes in cases in recent days. But the good news is that outside these and a handful of other states, the virus remains under control, and there is still no national second wave of infections. Read More

3 links worth checking out:

Barstool Sports founder believes he is a better investor than Warren Buffett

When someone brags about how easy this investment thing is…watch out.  Epic rants against legendary investors like Buffett send an important signal:  It’s time to be careful out there.  Read More

What the pandemic is revealing about Target Date Funds

Target Date Funds (or TDF’s) continue to be a popular choice for many 401(k) participants.  The recent market volatility reveals that not all TDF’s are created equal, especially when it comes to risk.  Read More

They’re all selling? Well then… 

Great investors look for opportunities to go against the crowd.  Here’s sound advice from Rodney Dangerfield on the importance of a contrarian investment philosophy.

Feel free to share with friends and colleagues.  Have a great weekend!


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