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Family Case Study



We had worked closely with this client and her husband for a number of years, managing their personal investment accounts and providing consulting services for their 401(k) plans, 529 accounts and life insurance policies.   During an annual client review, the client informed us that her parents' health was beginning to decline, and they were no longer able to manage their own finances.  It was anticipated that they would each be moved to assisted living in the near future.  

As her parents' health continued to decline, both the client and her sibling were given Power of Attorney and needed assistance in organizing, analyzing and monitoring their parents' financial affairs. With the client based on the west coast, and the parents and sibling each in New England, someone was needed who could centralize key information to facilitate timely and prudent decisions as the situation escalated.  

The client was concerned that her parents' existing investment advisor, who also handled their tax returns, had been charging heavy commissions and was actively "trading" their account. The portfolio appeared to be heavily concentrated in speculative stocks with no consideration for the personal needs and objectives of the client.  

We took over as “Family CFO” and assisted our client in organizing, analyzing and auditing the financial affairs of her aging parents. We have since formalized and executed a multigenerational financial and investment plan for the family.

The Results

We helped the client navigate their financial challenges by engaging as the family's "Personal CFO".

A budget and cash flow summary were drafted to outline their income and expense needs, and bank accounts were connected so that all spending could be monitored daily.

All estate and tax documents were centralized online so that trusted family members and advisors could access them when needed.


A "Fiduciary Audit" indicated that the existing portfolio was unstable and the advisor should be immediately terminated. Once under our care, the portfolio was carefully redesigned and customized to align with the risk, return and income needs of the client.

The client has a team of wealth management specialists who now offer integrated, comprehensive financial advice based on a multigenerational view of the family finances.

Actual performance and results will vary.  These case studies do not constitute a recommendation as to the suitability of any investment for any person or persons having circumstances similar to those portrayed, and a financial advisor should be consulted regarding your specific situation.

As your wealth (and family) grows, life becomes more complex.

Let us help you simplify.


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